Simple Natural and Green Living was created for all the free spirits out there. I hope to entice free thinkers from everywhere to share your thoughts and ideas. If that describes you - climb aboard!

My intention is to keep a continual stream of helpful, useful information coming at you. For example, information about organics. Organic food, clothing, bed clothes, linens, towels, and baby items. Organic gardening and organic seeds. I will give you delicious recipes - and information on how to make your own organic staples and condiments for those recipes. Want to know how to shop and eat organic on a shoestring budget? I'll talk about that too!

I want to talk about all things pure and natural...from the makeup you use, the way you color and highlight your hair, herbal preparations, alternative medicine...including homeopathics, vibrational remedies, and flower essences. I'll discuss things such as natural soap making and cheese making. I'll tell you how and where to get your ingredients, and how to make them yourself. Hey, maybe you could even make some money with some of these ideas!

I will be blogging about "green" lifestyles, eco and sustainable living, living off the land and off the grid. I'll talk about recycling, and renewable energy. From electric cars you can make yourself - to a way to get free electricity...how to make your own solar panels or get them free, homemade solar water heaters and solar heat; and more. Wow! There is so much to share. I almost don't know where to start.

Two other subjects near to my heart - that I LOVE to talk/blog about are - spirituality and metaphysics. I have always wanted to know the "why" of things. Are you like that? These two subjects alone encompass so MANY modalities, that I could blog to eternity on these alone. However, they are both tied in with a kinder, gentler, simpler and more respectful way of spending our God given time here on Mother Earth...a "back-to-basics" way of life.

I feel any tiny step we can take for ourselves, is the first step of that proverbial mile. I welcome, and indeed am asking for - any feedback, input, new and unique ideas, recipes, or criticism you may have to share. Leave comments after each blog - and if there is a special subject you would like to see, please tell me in a comment or email me at SimpleNaturalandGreenLiving@gmail.com. I will try my best to get it into an upcoming post. Let's Blog!!

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